Our Background

We are an independent fire consulting business providing a complete fire safety service to include training , we also specialise in risk assessments, giving your business the comfort of knowing they are fully compliant.  We have worked closely with managing agents, hotels/shops and other businesses.

We are a small company using only experts in the industry either currently working with a fire and rescue service or have done so for at least 20yrs.

Our training is very hands on, you can rest assured that your staff will receive an interactive and exciting experience leaving them totally knowledgeable in what they should do in the case of fire and you as an employer would be completing your legal obligation as stated in The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Why Us?

A valid up to date fire risk assessment is a small cost to pay compared to the potential prosecution and fatal results that could result without one.  A competent person must complete fire risk assessments.  The most common mistake that assessors make is making the assessment too complicated and very difficult for the business to implement.  We can assist in this and quite often we can re write the document in such a way as to be understood and implemented with ease.

The insurance on the property would be INVALID without the presence of a valid up to date fire risk assessment.  Can you afford to rebuild your business after a fire, potentially taking months after the damage of a fire?

Fire Consulting will offer an honest, practical and commercial approach to its clients.  Even evaluating and overriding if necessary the client’s current fire risk assessments giving a more economical option to consider.