Service Overview

Undertaking the assessment itself can be a very difficult, demanding and a laborious task, the detail required maybe intricate and exhaustive. Fire consulting will provide fully trained and highly experienced operatives to conduct the assessment for you in a professional manner.

When you instruct us you can be confident that a thorough assessment has been completed which meets all fire safety regulations and fulfills your exacting legal and contractual obligations.

Satisfying your insurance company who would not pay out if a Fire Risk Assessment had not been completed.

Once completed, our dedicated team can advise you on any remedial action, which should be taken based on the results gathered.

Our comprehensive fire safety service includes the supply, installation and maintenance of a huge variety of fire safety equipment, and we can follow up your risk assessment with any one of these tasks.

We have dedicated partners we use for the installation of alarms and further fire protection if required but we do not profit from this therefore our advice is completely pragmatic and honest.

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